How Body Weight Training Made Me A Muscle Bound Person

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Ancient Greek Training

Did you know that body weight training is one of the oldest forms of strength training? It’s quite alright if you don’t as I didn’t either until recently. I have created this blog to provide my personal review on some of the online resources I have stumbled upon the internet regarding body weight workout routine. Let me ask you a question before we get going. Would you like to know how to get a ripped fast with little to no equipment at home?

There are an abundance of resources online like P90x, Prisoner’s Workout, Beach Body, Bar Bros., etc. that figuring out which of these programs is the right one for you can get very confusing. Mind you, some of these courses are complete “noob unfriendly” and not to mention expensive. It’s a tall task trying to figure it all out on your own especially with all the misinformation out there that are either misleading or oversimplified. On top of that, a $49 or $97 investment on a 12 week course without knowing exactly if it’s the right product for you is a hefty price to pay in terms of time and money.

Remember, you are not only exchanging your money for their information but you also need to invest some of your precious time to study and act upon the same information. Also, you need to establish a solid reason within yourself why you want to do it to ensure that you will stick to whatever plan you have so that you can reach that end goal you have in mind.

3 Myths About Body Weight Training

Myth# 1: You can’t build massive physique with calisthenics

Long story short, getting a massive body has more to do with your diet and your genes. If you eat like a bird then you will look like a bird however if you eat like a bull then you will grow more like a bull but then again you can’t expect a bird to grow out of massive proportions and become a bull one day, can you? The maths is simple on this one. If you eat more calories (I am talking about the good type) than you normally need then you will get bigger in size but if you go the other direction then you will decrease body mass. I know it’s oversimplified but you do get the analogy, right?

Myth# 2: You can’t develop strength with bodyweight training

Complete lie I say to this one! Just imagine this scenario for me, will ya? Person A can only do 10 normal push ups versus Person B who can do 10 single handed push ups on either arms. Could we then infer that person B is much stronger and has more strength? Hell yea! Ask one of those gym buffs benching 100kgs right now to perform 10 single handed push ups and see if they could pull that one off. It’s simple logic. You are taking what normally is a two-limb movement into a single-limb movement therefore that one limb has to produce twice the work, isn’t? I am not saying that you will jump right into doing single handed push ups on day one because it’s not possible for a beginner to do so but there’s a safe and efficient way to build enough strength to progress towards that movement.

Myth# 3: Women can’t pull themselves up!

Wow! Sorry that you had to listen to that crap. Watch this:

Pull & Push in one compound movement…Nuff said :)

3 Reasons Why Body Weight Training

Reason# 1: You Literally Are Your Own Gym

If there is something that you are never without, it is your own body. Your body can become your own fitness machine and you can enhance your workout with the support of household equipments such as sturdy dining chair, sturdy door, bath towel, sturdy broomstick, thick phone book, etc. You are only limited by your own imagination.

Reason# 2: Minimal Equipment Required

Look, there is absolutely no need for you to be flash about setting up your home gym especially when you are on a shoe string budget but if you really are worried about damaging your favorite dining chair or you’re afraid that someone is going to open that door while you are performing a ‘let me in’ movement with it then you could consider either a pull up tower or invest on a suspension training system if you must. Or you could put up a road block with a massive sign that commands people to “Stop! Workout Is In Progress!”.

Reason# 3: Massive Time-saver

Because you can easily perform compound movements therefore targeting multiple muscle groups at once in one fell swoop for the same amount of time that you perform an isolated movement with weights. In other words, you can easily work out your body as a whole versus just working out its individual parts.

In summary, body weight training is a good all in one solution for real people with real lives. As promised, I will be going on a personal journey to try out different courses / materials related to body weight training. After which, I will be providing my personal experience using the various resources I come across so I can help you decide if it’s the right product for you. I will also profile the author of the program to find out how much expertise or credibility the person holds to find out whether or not we should listen to that person.

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